Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quick Trip Home (pic overload)

We took an early flight home SATURDAY to make our friends wedding.
Ryder was up, playing quietly the first flight and fell asleep on the second plane.

The beautiful bride, Jessica.

Her dress was stunning to say the least!


Their first look... 
Hope you two are having an amazing honeymoon. Love you both!

Day 2 - SUNDAY
Early breakfast with Grandpa at Great Maple.

The Wilson men 

After that we headed to my sisters engagement party.

Gina one of the bridesmaids and Ryder. 

The newly engaged couple!
I am so thrilled for them. My sister could not have chosen a better man to marry. 
Welcome to the family!

We also celebrated my sister and mom's birthday at the same time. =)
Happy birthday you two!

A little snooze before dinner.... 

We met up with my Dad and Step-mom for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. 
This is one of the things my husband and I are missing in Colorado. You can't beat authentic Mexican food in San Diego. 

Here we all are after dinner - happy and full!

That was an eventful, happy and exciting trip home! 

We love and miss you all already! 

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