Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hubby's Birthday

Happy Birthday to the most handsome man I know! 

Can we stay young forever & wear matching clothes? (2009)

I can't thank you enough for making my dreams become reality. You are what women want in a man... handsome, charming, refreshing and you have the kindest heart I've ever known. Having you as mine is best thing that has ever happens to me and really makes me a proud wife. Our son is going to be just like you and I am so lucky to have two of you in my life! 

I started writing our story before we were married and I wanted to share with you all.... Hope you enjoy. 

Happy Birthday Baybeh! 

The first time I ever laid eyes on him was in the fall of 10th grade.  I remember it was a beautiful day. His hazel eyes and handsome figure were breath taking. It was probably not until the middle of 10th grade until we really ever spoke to each other. I was too nervous to talk to boys and I am glad we finally did!  As retarded as it was I daydreamed of what could happen between us if we could only meet. Our instant messaging was more than interesting, continuously flirting back and forth. Our online chats continued and were exciting. One day while at school lunch it began to rain, our friends all huddled under a classroom overhang and we had each other in eyes reach. I was talking to a friend about how I liked him so much and how I thought he was cute. She then spoke with him and if I am remembering correctly, I am pretty sure my face turned as red as a tomato as soon as we were face to face. I wanted to be with him so much! Our online chats became less frequent and soon high school was over.  High school went by in a flash and we went our separate ways. 

So much for the cyber world, brought us back together again after 3 years. We became friends on Facebook and began sending messages back and forth. We were talking about life and the adults that we had become. Life seemed different when we reconnected. Then it happened. It was crazy we hit it off instantly, chatted and carried on about anything and everything both very nervous. Interrupted by many things but it was so sweet and innocent. A true boy meets girl story. We both felt the feeling. We knew that this could become something great. He asked me to come over one day. I was thrilled! He was so handsome and I was freaking out inside.  Flirting began instantly. This was not a dream. We had both been waiting for this moment since high school. We both knew we were a good match for each other. Making our mistakes before this moment made us realize the importance of this soon to be relationship. The ease of our friendship and the excitement that we both carried made us crave for more. I couldn’t believe it. What was even more amazing was how we both picked right up where we left off and talked like there had never missed a moment in our friendship. He totally took my breath away, every time we met. The question arose, “how come we never dated”. It was probably a good thing we didn’t; we probably would not be what we are today. After numerous late night meetings and him leaving the key to his apartment on the fire extinguisher, we agreed to make us official. We were lying face to face on the couch and talking about the possibility to become “official”. We both agreed that we weren't seeing anyone else and without speaking to each other about it really already figured that we were. Happily irresistible, just the two of us. Always, walking hand in hand with brilliant smiles on our faces. Planned a road trip to start off our new journey together. Los Angeles was the destination and what a great choice it was! Touring a unknown city together was incredible. It was like we were on an adventure of a lifetime. The chemistry between us was flawless. We were the perfect match. Seeing a city we both had never ventured, was quite the experience, I must say. Our hotel was perfect and our time spent together seemed as though it would never end.   

One summer day we decided to become a family. He had adopted a little Marlack. Cute was cute as a button.  We couldn't ask for a better puppy. So precious, crawling around on the floor in his unfamiliar new home. He loved to lay on the patio and sun bathe while supervising the neighborhood. 

Sorry to leave you hanging but, that's all for now....

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