Monday, March 17, 2014

Ryder is 3 Months!

Our little man is 3 months!!
Time has really flown by...

He is all smiles.
Kicking and doing push-ups are his exercises of choice lately.  He is also trying to suck his thumb. 

He is much happier sitting up these days.  If he is laying down he will grab your fingers to pull himself up and he will smile/giggle. 

My sister was watching him last week and she captured this great shot of him!

My little newborn is now an infant.  He is still sleeping 9 hours at night... I couldn't be happier. 
He enjoys watching Curious George and Winnie the Pooh on the tablet while sitting in the highchair. Its time to break out that amber necklace we have for him... he is becoming a drool monster. 

His attention span is becoming greater and loves to be read to. 

Today is his first day of daycare! I hope he misses me as much as I will miss him. He is in great hands, I just hope he remembers me! 

Hope you all had a great weekend. 

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