Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ryder's 4 Month Update

Four months - where has the time gone!

He loves "flying" and standing with help.   

The Bumbo is a favorite these days. He is sitting up and wanting to play. 

We hiked Torrey Pines last weekend and I can tell he's already a daddy's boy.

He is already a character. 

We have an unspoken agreement to face out on walks. He doesn't want to miss a thing. 

Having lunch with family at Bali Hai. 

Here we are at Kellogs Beach.

Our dogs have figured out that he's not going anywhere and may as well embrace him. =)

Four months have flown by! 
He is still easy to please and sleeping through the night (8:30pm-7:00am). 
Drooling has started and bibs are a must these days. 

I love this little man so much! Yay for a happy and healthy baby!

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