Wednesday, July 16, 2014

7 Months and on the move

This guy is going to be on the move any day now. Ryder does not want to be held like a baby anymore and I am coming to terms he isn't going to be a baby forever. He is reaching out to touch everything; anything and everything. 
Trying to have a meal without him on my lap almost never happens. I don't mind it either... I just have to remember to order something that doesn't need much knife work. I love this little guy so much!

Recently we discovered his first dislike in food - bananas. I thought to myself, my son doesn't like bananas! This is an outrage (I love bananas!), so we tried mixing with apples and other fruits. He still doesn't want anything to do with it and will literally spit it out. I guess we will try them again at a later time.

As most of you know we move to Colorado and are loving it.  It was quite the challenge packing the house with a baby but, we made it happen without too much chaos. 

My husband drove the Uhaul with the dogs and I flew out with Ryder a day later.  Our flight was delayed three hours and it actually worked out perfectly for feeding and gate time. We flew with United Air and they were very accommodating.  I was the first to board the flight and got to our seats without breaking a sweat. We did have someone sit next to us and thankfully a parent who would understand if Ryder got upset. There was a seat open between us which gave us a little bit of elbow room. It was much needed let me tell you... Waiting in line on the runway I was feeding Ryder snacks to keep him occupied and calm. I had a bottle ready, by the way the premixed formula is the way to go when traveling. As soon as I heard the roar of the plane I got him ready to have a bottle and when he finished it he slept the entire flight. I am pretty sure I have been given the easiest baby ever. 

Trying to wear him out before the flight.
Quick diaper check before take off.

Slept like this the entire flight.

Here we are on our morning walks. 

He loves to splash when it's bath time and play with everything that is not a toy.

He is thinking about crawling but, it more interested in rolling over. 

We went explored Boulder last weekend and it was beautiful! 

Hubby & Ry
I cannot get enough of these two. 


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