Wednesday, September 11, 2013

26 Week Update

I am officially 26 weeks pregnant with 98 days to go! 

After surviving the first trimester of morning (all day) sickness and not being able to eat meat or dairy, I am now back to normal!  You can definitely tell I am pregnant now and am happy to show it off! 

Monday, I took my glucose test and from what I heard from other moms I was dreading the whole process. I honestly thought the drink was pretty delicious, considering I was starving from fasting the night before. To me it tasted like flat orange soda and it wasn't bad at all.  Not sure what the fuss was about. 

My belly button is still in for the moment and I have gained about 17lbs so far.  I am sleeping through the night except for the midnight wake-up call to waddle to the bathroom.  Ryder is moving quite a bit now and more so when I have fruit.  It feels like he is tapping from the inside. I have my husband feel my tummy when he is really active and I just love the look on his face, it's priceless. We are so excited!

Here is what we have been up to lately.
Barefoot Bar & Grill

Hubby, Myself & my Mom

It has been so hot at our house, we have been taking the boat out the last few weekends.  Pregnancy and heat is not a great combination so, a day at the bay really makes everything better.   

Hope you ladies are doing well!

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