Friday, November 8, 2013

34 Week Update

I cannot believe it is November already and next month Ryder will be here =)  This pregnancy has really been smooth process for me. I love being pregnant and learning about what my body is doing in preparation for the baby.

Doc said:   Position: Head down
                 Size: 17- 18 inches long & around 4-5 lbs. The books say he is about the size of a cantalope.
How far along: 34 Weeks + 2 days. Only 6 more weeks (±40 days) until baby is here!

Gender: Boy

Total Weight Gain: 27 lbs. 

Stretch marks: None yet! *fingers crossed

Sleep: I am still sleeping pretty good these days except for the bladder calls in the middle of the night. Sleeping with three pillows is key to being comfortable. 

Movement: Getting lots of movement from our little man!  I try and catch him moving on camera but, he get's camera shy.  So far he has been very nice to me, lets me sleep at night and is very active after meals.  I switched my cereal from Special-K with Strawberries to plain Cheerios with bananas and now he is practically doing cart-wheels in there! 

Pets:  Will they be a good big brother & sister?


It seems like they have an idea about whats going on with me.  These two are very special to us and were our first children, we hope they adjust with the baby.  Nala (bottom two pictures) has always been my buddy and is always wanting to be next to me. She will be my sidekick when the baby comes - I can picture myself feeding the baby and her right beside me.  As for Marlack (top two pictures), I think he will be a little jealous of the baby at first.  He was our first nugget and we have spoiled him quite a bit - he is going to take a little longer to adjust.

Daddy:  Is daddy ready?  I think he is more ready than me at times.  He is always talking to Ryder like he is right here with us. He is so sweet and always helping me with anything and everything I need.  I'm sure it gets annoying having to ask him to do things I could normally do myself but, I think deep down he loves me asking him =)

Cravings: I'm not craving anything out of the ordinary... mostly chicken picatta and pb&j sandwiches. *Not together

Belly button in/out: In for now or shall I say flush. It hasn't quite poked out yet.

Mood:  Happy!  I do hand out the occasional sass to my husband (probably more than occasional in his eyes).  Other than that, I have been on a cleaning and organizing rampage or in pregnancy words "nesting".  

Looking forward to:  Baby shower next week! =) 

My current To Do list:
- Find a pediatrician
- Pick a middle name
- Decide on a bookshelf or shelving
- Install car seat
- Complete birth plan
- Test run to the hospital
- Start packing hospital bag

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