Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ryder's 9 Month Update

Our little nugget is 9 months!  

You have become quite the social butterfly when we go out to eat. 
When we strap you in the high chair you make sure to make friends at every table. If you don't get the attention you want you fake cough until you are satisfied. 

Daddy loves you so much. 

He is turning into such a handsome boy. 
You can pull yourself up on almost anything. I think walking is in our near future. 

I just adore you both.
(Napping at Westlands Park) 

Bath time is still your favorite. 
He is going to be in the big tub soon!

Ryder is wearing 9-12 month clothes now and size three diapers. 

Not a single tooth in sight. 

He loves feeding himself the squeeze pouches and he thought himself how to grab puff out of this container. 

I really hope his sleeping pattern never changes! He sleeps from about 7:30pm to 7:00am. As long as we have had a routine day he sleeps through the night. Around bedtime you make sure to get every last bit of energy out you can by crawling all over me. It's as if you have so many things to do before bed and you need to finish them now.  You are a funny little man.

Just last week you started giving kisses. My heart melted when you gave me one. On occasion you kiss me just because - you are so sweet.

You have been saying "Da da" since you were 5 months old and just this month you said "Ma ma"!  I just about cried.  We were at a moms group and you just decided you would blurt it out in front of everyone. 

Hope your September is going great!

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