Friday, July 19, 2013

Pre Gender Reveal

Boy or Girl?

I would like to give you a brief then and now story of my husband, Justin and I.  We met sophomore year in high school and had the same group of friends.  Our friendship continued until graduation and ended shortly after with no plans to keep in contact.  Until one day we reconnected with the power of social media and began catching up on the years past.  After dating for some time Justin proposed and we were to be married in September.  We chose a vintage chic wedding theme and it was the most memorable day of our lives.  With family and friends by our side, we wouldn't ask for a more perfect day. 

After being married for six month we received even more great news! 
We are expecting a baby this December!

At this time I am currently 18 weeks along and feeling great!  I have gained six pounds so far and I am hungrier than ever.  We are anxiously awaiting for next week’s 4D ultrasound were we will get to know the gender of our baby.  We cannot wait to share the news with you!  If you would like to guess what we are having please vote below in the comments section.

Any moms or mommy’s-to-be experience turning vegetarian while pregnant?  Since we found out we were expecting I have not been able to eat meat, especially red meat.  Having a few bites of chicken is about all I can handle and anymore I am instantly nauseous.  Any advice or vegetarian recipes you ladies would like to share?

We can’t wait to update you next week with exciting news! Don’t forget to vote below!

xo Mallory

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