Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Reveal

I know many of you thought it would be a boy and a few of you thought a girl. This being our first baby, we were really hoping for a boy and I knew deep down it would be.  
We are so grateful to have had family and friends join us in our gender reveal Saturday afternoon.  Thank you all for making that surprise very special.  All ten of us crammed into the sonogram room and everyone guessed boy except for my dad who really wanted a girl.  The ultrasound was now being displayed on a big screen TV, with much anticipation.... "there is one leg and here is the other and if you can see right here you should be able to figure out the rest...(with the mouse pointing at the little rice kernel)"
Everyone cheered with excitement. Our wishes had come true, it was a BOY!
His name will be
♥ Ryder ♥
Here are a few 4D images 
Ryder "the rocker" Wilson
Ryder "the boxer" Wilson
I think he is going to look exactly like his daddy.
We love him already ♥
At the time of the ultrasound I was told I have a anterior placenta, which is not very common but not unusual.  This means that I won't feel the baby kick until later in my pregnancy. Essentially, there a cushion between the baby and my tummy. There are no health risks when this happens and the placenta should move to the top by the time the baby is ready to deliver.
We are hoping to update with the progress of the nursery next!

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